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Do cats like Window Perches? Show a cat a window and if you do not have a perch, they will do anything to make their own.

The word perch means to sit but if you do not provide a perch they will balance on your windowsill, sit on your plants in the window, lean from the top of a chair, and hang from your curtains to get a glimpse of the exciting outdoor world. So yes, they adore cat window perches!

Affordable Cat Perches-A Great Way to Start

Heavy-duty for the price and durable. Can fit a large cat or even two smaller cats. Suction cups to attach to any window, plus the price cannot be beaten at under 16 USD, which will give you the option of purchasing multiples. Cats like sunny windows so as the sun shifts they can move to another perch if you have more than one.

In case you or your cat are skittish about a perch that suctions to a window, this is a sturdy floor model that also has a scratching post as the base. If you are seeking simplicity and ease as well as safety this is thick and heavy and doesn’t tip over or fall from a window. Carry it around and let your cat “perch” wherever they wish. Because it is open on all sides, perfect for larger cats.

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Sturdy Window Cat Perches-Falling Down Preventative

The reality of perches is that many can need suction cups to attach to the window. However, sturdy suction cups are needed as well as sturdy straps that are thick and heavy unless you have a very lightweight miniature breed cat or whoops tumbling down occurs. This perch is foldable, moveable, and of course sturdy. We do keep the size of all cats in mind so it is great for larger cats too.

This perch almost looks like a piece of furniture! Sturdy as all get out, it doesn’t lend itself to a cat falling as no matter what type of window or size cat, you get to adjust the knobs for a perfect stable fit in any window. Quite the deal for the price and your larger cat will fit as well as more than one as sitting and lying space is wide.

Space Saving Perches-Odd-Sized Windows

Had to include this style as apartments or newer construction can have odd-sized windows.

This does not dangle in any way but can be used to save space. Your cat might not be able to lounge as much and there is a weight limit but for those looking to at least let the kitty enjoy the outdoor visuals it fits the bill quite well.

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Cat Perches Keep Cats Amused

That is the long and short of it. A good cat is a cat that is not bored. Cats love sunny windows and love to lounge off the ground. A cat perch is an answer to any cat’s need for sunny warmth and of course, visual stimulation.