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Cats are persnickety about toys as they are with everything. All cat owners have toys that looked appealing and sounded good, yet once purchased, were not even glanced at by your kitty or kitties. It’s just a fact of life.

Inflation also has made it somewhat difficult to provide new cat toys for our beloved feline friends. They DO get bored easily and new toys are needed constantly.

To be honest, though, especially in the USA, DIY toys for cats are making a real wave as they are safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, yet affordable as you can use what you have in your home already or purchase some cheap items.

Toys that look good to us do not many times impress cats. They like simple things like fishing pole-type toys and things that are fuzzy and wiggle. Do not forget the catnip as that makes any toy more appealing. Toys also help you bond with your cat.

Our 4 Top Simple, Safe, and Affordable DIY Cat Toys

  1. The Play and Scratch Combo

This uses very simple items and is a scratching post combined with “whirly gigs” on top. For the scratching post which is the base, all you need is a piece of heavy wood or extra-thick cardboard. Wood or corrugated cardboard is preferred as it will not move easily. It can be any size.

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To make the scratching post portion you need to cover it with carpet (cats love to scratch carpeting), or sisal fabric which is available at any home goods or pet store usually. Use non-toxic glue to attach the carpeting or sisal fabric after you cut it to size.

Use pipe cleaners that are “kid-safe” from an arts and crafts store, not regular pipe cleaners. These are not metal inside and are much thicker and more pliable. There are plain ones or glitter ones, and you can put as many as you like into the base of the scratcher. Twist them a bit to make them interesting and watch your cat bat at these endlessly whenever they are bored!

  1. The Sock it to Me Cat Toys

These are amazing and cats love them. These are simply old socks (talk about recycling) of any size, or color that is threaded at the top, the bottom, or the middle (all three are best) with twine that is purchased again at a arts and crafts store and is strong and tough but non-toxic.

Fill each sock with catnip, and believe me, you will have a winner of a toy that only costs a few dollars for the catnip and art twine that your cat will find thrilling.

  1. The Twirly Twizzlers Cat Toys

These are the simplest to make and the most fun, especially for kids to make. The same type of pipe cleaners that are not really used to clean pipes are purchased at the arts and crafts stores. The thickest ones and fuzziest ones work the best.

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All types of shapes from stars to butterflies can be made from these as they are super flexible. Rub each one in catnip, and watch your cat carry it around and bat it around like the most expensive toy you can purchase! Hardly any cost and this is a great fun activity for kids of all ages. These pipe cleaners can even be rolled into multicolored balls.

  1. The Fuzz Ball DIY Toys

This will not be for everyone. But if anyone in your family does hunt, either deer, rabbit, or squirrel, the fur and skin can be stretched and made into strips or balls. While this might seem atrocious to non-hunters, cats love real fur items and after all, you are using each part of the animal that was hunted.

The Top 4 DIY Cat Toys Are Much Needed for Indoor Cats

Indoor cats become the most bored generally especially if they were shelter cats and are used to being outside where there is a lot of stimulation. Even for outdoor cats, the rainy or cold days when your cats are trapped inside with you can be the perfect time for toys.

Summary of The Top 4 DIY Cat Toys

Cats are intelligent and need as much if not more stimulation than dogs. There are many individuals in the USA that now are focused on sustainability and protecting the environment. You can save a ton of money with our DIY cat toy suggestions and not create any toxic waste or harm to the environment.