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We have determined that window perches are generally loved by cats. Indeed, there are many types of window perches, from floor models to those that hang in a window via straps. Some are great for large cats and multiple cats. Are you ready to find the best cat window perches with suction cups?

We have found that window perches with suction cups allow cats to get as close to a window as possible. Kitties love the sun and spying outside and the closer to the action the better.

Which Cat Window Perches with Suction Cups are BEST?

The safest of course. No one wants their precious feline falling out of a window, and of course, your cat wants stability in a perch. Here then are our top choices for safe cat window perches with suction cups.

Cat Window Perches with Large Suction Cups

The larger the suction cup and the stronger the anchoring the better!

No cords to snap, and extra-large suction cups for even large cats. A metal frame with two types of installation leaves it to you to ensure stability depending upon your window! Foldable and moveable as well.

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Another one has screws and extra-large suction cups. Let’s face it, cats might jump when they see a bird outside so we do lean towards the perches with suction cups that do not rely on wires or lines to attach to a window. Washable and breathable for of course when it is hot. “Large cat” friendly and is angled for comfort. 360-degree comfort and stability.

Easy Assembly/Space Saving Cat Perches with Suction Cups

Might not be best for large cats but if you want a sturdy, no fuss, no muss with assembly and have small windows this can be a good choice. Watch the weight on this one though.

This next is weighted from beneath and therefore no crashing to the ground at all. And no weight restrictions as it is large and open. No fear of falling for puss! Unusual with the suction on the bottom. Of course, with installation on the bottom, it can be placed generally in any window.

Another Space Saver Window Perch with Suction Cups

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Weight restrictions on this one but a good deal for smaller cats and limited space. Also does not require a lot of assemblies. More the traditional type of cat window perch with suction cups.

Extra Suction Cups for Window Perches

Yes, all suction cups will wear out as your cat will put pressure on them. It’s best to have some on hand at all times. We have found that the screw-type suction cups are best and can replace most other suction cups. The ones below are rated five-star but we cannot vouch for this product.

That’s our rundown on what we consider some of the best window perches with suction cups. Each cat and owner is different so make your own judgments, please!