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You have a new kitten or a wonderful kitty from a rescue, and as every first-time pet owner knows, there are a million things you need to get right for your new pet. Not only is this a critical component for your kitty, but the right litter can help ease allergens, smells in the home, clean up, and other concerns associated with your fur baby doing their business.

Additionally, it should be noted that cats themselves tend to be fussy about the cleanliness and odor of their litter.

The most common cat litter is clumping clay cat litter which consists of sodium bentonite.

It’s a natural clay that is very absorbent. When it gets wet, the clay expands 15-18 times its original size. It sounds like a great option for the task of kitty’s business, but then you read the instructions for disposing of said litter, you might think again.

These clay-based clumping litters are not good for septic systems and dumping into bags and tossing them into the garbage is terrible for the environment.

There is a better, more biodegradable, eco-friendly option in the form of flushable cat litter. You can flush with peace of mind and cleanup is easier. As with everything out there on the market today, all flushable cat litters are not the same.

About Flushable Cat Litter

One important reason you want to think about flushable cat litter is that landfills and trash sites are getting piled up with bags of used cat litter. Flushable cat litter gets completely flushed through the system to septic tanks or treatment facilities. All that excess trash is eliminated, and it is better for keeping a clean environment.

Keep in mind that flushable cat litter does not guarantee it will go down your pipes cleanly. Older pipes can still clog up, so you should dump it in the toilet in small amounts and let it begin breaking apart in the toilet water before letting it down. Another consideration to keep in mind is that this kind of litter can damage toilet bowls.

Flushable litter can be abrasive, and the surface of the toilet bowl can get scratched or stained. Always remember never to dump an entire litter box of cat litter into the toilet in a single instance. Scooping a clump or two out of the litter box and dumping into the toilet and flushing is best. It’s also fine to wait for the water to break it apart and flush it more than once if required.

Types of Flushable Cat Litter

Cat litter brands that are flushable are tested to be safe for sewer and/or septic tank systems when following instructions. You must check on the bags to see if the flushable litter can be used for both systems, as some have only been tested for one disposal option or the other. This flushable litter comes in many different types and is marked biodegradable and natural.

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The usual types of litter that are flushable consist of corn, wheat, wood, or newspaper. These are all available in different combinations of formulas and textures. Flushable cat litter is not too dusty and eliminates odors often for seven days at a time. Most flushable cat litters are fine-grained, which cats prefer as they can scratch and claw in it without injury or causing dense clumps. It also does not stick to the paws too much like densely clumping litter tends to do.

World’s Best Cat Litter (Favorite Septic-Safe Cat Litter)

Made from whole kernel corn. One of the top flushable cat litter brands is World’s Best Cat Litter. The formula has an all-natural plant derivative that minimizes odors in the box and home, keeping the house smelling fresher. It doesn’t create much dust, and the cats love the subtle texture, which is gentle on their paws and can be easy to dig into. It is safe for both sewer and septic tank systems.

The only downside to this flushable litter is that in damp places like the litter box, aflatoxin mold can grow, so the litter box must be kept clean. Franklin & Ollie have used World’s Best Cat Litter since they were kittens, and we wouldn’t likely change it. In our opinion, it’s the best flushable cat litter out there, although it is expensive. Check out World’s Best Cat litter here.

Pretty Litter

Made from natural minerals. PrettyLitter is flushable and unscented. It is a lightweight cat litter that is environmentally friendly. Cat owners appreciate this litter’s color-changing capability that detects a change in pH, so it can point to any health issues your cat might be experiencing.

Among the health issues that this flushable cat litter can identify are UTI, inflammation, bladder stones, and kidney problems. PrettyLitter is more budget-friendly than other cat litters of this kind and offers a once-a-month delivery service for added convenience. It traps odors, and moisture gets eliminated through absorbent silica gel, and there are fewer allergens and dust. The downside is that since the litter is non-clumping, there can be tracking from kitty paws. Check out Pretty Litter here.

sWheat Scoop

Made of wheat. sWheat Scoop is made for households with multiple cats that need additional protection from odor. The flushable cat litter is made from all-natural wheat and includes no chemicals, fragrances, or deodorants. Next to World’s Best, this is a solid choice and is less-costly than World’s Best.

The enzymes naturally found in wheat eliminate bad odors, and the starch in the wheat clumps up the litter. It acts as a clumping agent. With the fast-clumping action, litter doesn’t adhere to the litter box. The flushable litter doesn’t create dust, but it can get tracked by kitty paws. You can flush it with both sewer and septic tank systems.

Garfield Cat Litter Tiny Grains

Made from corn and cassava. Garfield Cat Litter Tiny Grains Flushable Cat Litter is biodegradable with a combination of cassava and corn. The litter has fine grains and is cat-approved since they can easily dig into this litter. The natural litter creates scoopable clumps so you can clean the litter box with minimal effort. It controls odors with no heavy fragrance or irritating deodorants.

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Keep in mind that aflatoxin mold grows on corm in a warm and damp environment, so the litter box must be kept clean. You can use the litter for sewer and septic tank systems; however, you should wait for the clumps to dissolve before you flush them down. Check out Garfield cat litter here.

Next-Gen Pet Products Green Tea Fresh Cat Litter

Made from wood and green tea leaves. Next-Gen Pet Products Green Tea Fresh Cat Litter is a cat litter naturally made of wood. It controls odors well and creates small clumps, which are easier to scoop up and get out of the litter box than some other options. The cat litter deodorizer is antibacterial due to the natural astringent that is in green tea. There are no added fragrances or additives. This cat litter is low dust, and there is no tracking problem. It is safe for both sewer and septic tank systems. Check out Next-Ten Green Tea litter here.

Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

Made from wood. Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter is a flushable litter made of lumber products and timber that has been reclaimed. It is eco-friendly, consisting of a blend of different evergreens. The litter is excellent at controlling odors and does not have any harmful chemicals added.

Fibers from trees absorb and lock in moisture. Not only is this product very absorbent, but it also traps in odors for up to seven days. The litter is lightweight, making it easy to get it into the litter box. It is a product that is dust-free. The litter does tend to cling to cat paws. It is safe for a sewer system but is not recommended for a septic tank system. Check out Okocat Cat littler here.

Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Pellets

Made from clumping corn pellets. Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Pellets are manufactured in Australia. The litter with corn pellets is highly absorbent and controls odor well, the pellets don’t cling to kitty paws, so there is low tracking possibility. However, the downside is that this litter is very dusty. It is flushable, breaking down when placed in water. It is advised to let the clumps soak in the toilet before flushing them down. Check out Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Litter here

Frequently Asked Questions About Flushable Cat Litter

What makes a cat litter flushable?

Unlike non-flushable cat litter that includes sodium bentonite and clogs plumbing, the flushable kind is made of natural materials that break down and are flushable. It is both environmentally friendly and cat friendly. However, you must follow the instructions on the packaging and remember that it is not as simple as just dumping the entire litter box into the toilet.

What are my options when choosing a flushable cat litter?

There are many kinds of flushable cat litters on the market made up of numerous styles of natural materials. Based on the material composition, some will be clumping, and others non-clumping. Some litters have little dust, which doesn’t cling too much to cat paws, so there is little tracking. Reading reviews, ingredients, pros, and cons for products is critical to making the best decision on a style that works for your kitty and home situation best.

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Are there non-tracking cat litters that are flushable?

There are flushable cat litters that are lightly tracking and some that claim to be non-tracking. Of course, always exam the information available on the product to know which is which, and consumer feedback can also help gain great information about these attributes from actual users.

Is there an unscented flushable cat litter?

Many of the flushable cat litter brands are unscented. They are only lightly scented by the natural ingredients they are made of, like wood or corn. This will be preferable for your cat vs a specific scent.

Is there a low dust flushable cat litter?

Check on the packaging of the flushable cat litter. You’ll find that many of them are low dust.

Is flushable cat litter really flushable?

All the flushable cat litters come with instructions on the packaging. There are brands where you must wait for the clumps to dissolve in the toilet before you flush. Others require you to flush a little at a time, so follow the instructions as closely as possible for best results.

Also, check to see that the litter is made for both sewer and septic tank systems. Some are not made for septic tank systems, so it depends on what your system is, and if it says for both systems, you can safely flush the litter down. You must read the instructions as this is imperative.

Is flushable cat litter right for you?

As with any product, there are pluses and minuses to using flushable cat litter. Get all the facts first and check out the flushable cat litters that are available. This kind of litter helps keep the environment cleaner because it does not wind up in landfills and trash dumping sites. There are some questions about the flushable litter getting flushed down into the water systems. Keep in mind that the flushable cat litters are made of natural ingredients that come from the environment, so they should be easily returned to the environment after use.

Most flushable cat litters are better for your cat’s health than traditional clay-based litter because they don’t use chemicals or harmful additives.

Most of the brands have no heavy perfume scents and only give off natural scents from the ingredients they are made of, so your cat does not mind getting into his or her litter box. If you keep the litter box clean, your cat will enjoy the flushable cat litter more than a non-flushable kind. Look on the packaging for the kind of flushable cat litter both you and your cat can agree upon.

Since flushable types are made of different natural ingredients, it is advisable to choose two or smaller packages of flushable cat litter to see which your cat might prefer. It could be that he or she does not like some of the natural scents, especially cats who are indoor and have never been acquainted with outdoor scents. Once you have found a flushable cat litter that both you and your cat agree with, changing the litter box will become an easier chore for you.

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