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You know your cat is “persnickety” and has the usual odd cat behaviors, but not all cats are the same. Often cats are subject to biases that just aren’t true. Every cat has a unique personality and habits and while some of the habits are the same, some behaviors are unique to only some cats.

Let’s Proceed with 10 Fun Facts About Cats

1. Cats can swim and some even like it

Yes, cats that like to swim do exist.

Cats know how to swim naturally and feral cats can learn to swim if they are around other animals before being rescued. Not all cats like to swim, but if they have to, they can do it.

A cat that is raised around bears will indeed swim and fish like a pro, and if your cat is constantly sitting in the bathtub, turn on the water and fill it!

2. Some cats will lick your wet hair after you wash it.

This is not hard to decipher the meaning as in the wild, a wet cat will be groomed by others to keep the fur dry.

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This means your cat just sees you as part of the pack and will assist in drying you off, although it would not hurt to fill the water bowl at this point as most cats will drink only intermittently and cat parents can forget that they do drink occasionally.

3. Cats can climb up an object such as a tree facing forward.

Once up there though they must climb down backward. Their hindquarters and the pads of the feet on the hindquarters are larger and if going down an object forward-facing, they would fall.

Now, many cats, especially young ones, do not figure this out right away and therefore you see so many calls to the fire department for cats stuck in trees or other high places. Ask any fireman!

4. Catnaps are usually only done during normal waking hours for humans.

Your cat will sleep all day and then at 4 AM or 11 PM become so active, you lose a lot of sleep. Cats have bad eyesight but see better in dim light and at night. This behavior is also inbred as in the wild their ancestors do hunt more in early daylight or at night.

This is inbred and cats are descendants of APEX predators and less bred down than dogs. So, if you are a person who likes a lot of uninterrupted sleep you will most likely find this annoying. Closing your bedroom door is the only solution. Cats can keep up behaviors as long as it takes to get what they want.

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5. Cats will sleep in unusual places

Yes, they can ignore that great cat bed and blanket you bought. This behavior can be seen in all cats, but especially feral rescues.

They might gravitate toward boxes or newspapers. This is not odd at all as homeless individuals use cardboard and newspapers to hold in heat and these items do work to trap heat.

During the Great Depression when many individuals were homeless there was a dearth of males who would sleep in boxcars on trains with cardboard and newspapers to ward off the cold, and some cat lovers refer to their cats who seek cardboard and newspapers as “Boxcar Willies” which is a term from the Great Depression.

6. Most cats have “zoomies”…Even older cats

This behavior is just accepted by long-term cat owners and is only a way for cats to release energy. They might squat down first and then shoot across a room when nothing is there. In addition to letting off energy, this does allow them to practice their stalking and hunting skills as this is done by their ancestors.

It might seem to you as if they are “seeing dead people” as nothing is there but it is simply an energy release and a practiced skill.

7. Not all cats purr

All cat owners expect cats to purr but some do not purr plain and simple. They either learned not to do it at some point in their life if they were feral, or as a cat they just “choose” not to. This is not something to worry about although you might miss the purring.

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8. Cats can be real “talkers”

Most cats are vocal when they want food, treats, attention, etc. but some just are “chatty” cats. The ones that become very vocal when you leave the house and when you return are usually experiencing separation anxiety and are usually very attached to their owners.

You can use a behavior therapist for cats or just accept this as these vocal cats when separated feel like a part of their owners.

9. There are cats that watch television

Yes, this fun fact about cats is true. Many cats seem to be watching TV, and they can have favorite programs. Try turning on a program or video about wild animals and in a short time your cat can become addicted to the “boob tube.”

While their vision might be bad any wild animal program will have a lot of snorting and stomping and hissing in the audio. That alone can mesmerize a cat.

10. Cats don’t like when you sneeze

Jumping off your lap, meowing, or just plain running out of the room when you sneeze.

There are no studies on this but plenty of cats do this. Let us just assume it’s the loud noise that a sneeze entails which invokes these behaviors as no cats like loud noises. Some cats can even react badly when you cough.

Cats are unique and have unique behaviors

No matter what behaviors your cat has if something unusual crops up it is best to check with a vet as unusual behavior does not erupt overnight.

Unusual behaviors that are not normal for YOUR cat can mean some physical illness, so a vet check is in order. If your cat came to you with odd behaviors just accept them as cats ARE cats.