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It’s no surprise that cats love windows and because of this, they also love cat window beds.  Some cats are skittish of course and will be cautious of them, but most cats love the warmth of sunshine and of course lounging and staring out windows.

A cat window bed (or even a cat window perch) is perfect for this and many types exist to suit a variety of cats. Find the perfect one and your cat most likely will be drawn to it. If not sprinkle with a little catnip and that will most probably sway them.

Durable and Sturdy Cat Window Beds

Cats are skittish and we still recommend getting the most durable of any product, especially window beds or your cat will become fearful of it. Here we go then:

This item screams safety as it is sturdily built, hooks to the wall under a window, and is fluffy and comfy. As well as washable. A cat can easily jump up and down without tumbling the bed to the ground. Assorted colors too and open spaced so any size cat will fit.

No Suction Cups or Drilling Cat Window Bed

Had to mention this one as it cannot fall out since it opens up without assembly.

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Simply set it on a windowsill or a sill in front of a window or a door. Simplicity at its best! It’s fairly basic looking but even looks sturdy as can be.

Basic Cat Bed with Suction Cups

It is fairly basic and does have suction cups but they are underneath making “fallen cat syndrome” less likely. To make it plusher you can throw a blanket or something fluffy on it.

Unusual Types of Window Beds for Cats

Could not help but include these as they are just so darned cute! It is fun to watch a cat in some of these items. The following one is sturdy too as it mounts with large suction cups to ANY window or even a door! So is space-saving and moveable with easy set up via the suction cups

Gaping window sills are no problem with our next choice. It fills in the gaps on a sill with its simplicity of style. Your cat can still enjoy the sunning and staring even if you live in an older home where the sills are uneven or gaping.

And for those that want sustainable products, it is made of bamboo! Save your cat from boredom while saving the environment.

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Your cat in all probability will use a window bed if you choose carefully. Their curiosity and need for sun and staring will compel them. But as always, look beyond price and into safety first.