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Alright, some cats do eat too much and gain weight especially as they age. Others are large cats because of breed or genetics. These “plus-sized” models do need to lounge around off the floor too and especially love perches if placed in a window or close to one! So what are the best cat perches for heavy cats?

Let’s take a look!

Cat Perch Dimensions Count

Although there are dozens of choices for perches for owners, let’s be real, your cat is “more than a handful” size-wise. So, when purchasing a perch remember they MUST fit into it.

We do have recommendations of course, as our own boys, Franklin and Ollie are not the tiniest of the tiny we hate to say. So here is a list of starting points for you for the possibility of getting a perch for your super-sized feline.

Simple Cat Perches First-Great for Older Cats

This is simple as simple can be and large and open-spaced. Larger cats are not generally as agile as smaller cats, especially older larger cats. This has three easy to climb tiers and does entice a larger cat to at least see what it is all about. Nothing is hidden from your puss as all the sides are open.

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This is a very moderately priced item and does double as a hammock. Only four legs and you can set it up anywhere (except a small window). Especially great for an older cat that does have limited climbing abilities and is heated if you want to warm it up for your fur baby.

More Advanced Cat Perches-Young Large Cat Choices

This is a bit more expensive but has the openness needed for a larger cat. It is good for younger, larger cats, as there are scratching posts, and a climbing tree. A one-year warranty comes with this selection so it can be worth the money to keep your younger, larger cat happy.

This is perfect for kittens AND larger cats that crave outdoor fun. It has wheels, keeps your cat or kitten safe, and lets them enjoy the outdoors. Some are indoor and outdoor cats and they need safe outside playtime. Worth every penny to watch your cats and kittens scramble safely outside. A large resting box for a quick nap makes up the great picture!

Play-Rest-Scratch Combo Cat Perch

This caught our attention as it has a cat condo on the bottom but is set up in such a way that it has two spaces to perch on, and also can be climbed by a bigger cat as it looks like the sections are “steps.” Perfect actually for any cat as it will appeal to younger cats and smaller cats too since it has nooks and crannies and that nice “hidey-hole” condo.

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Cats Love Perches; Even Larger Cats

So, maybe it’s time to give in and get one as cats are natural height-loving creatures. Bigger cats or heavier cats have not been left out anymore! Watch your cat scramble, sleep and play with delight in a perch!