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Even if you do not own a cat, the truth is that funny cat videos are watched by millions each day online and streamed. Dogs also have videos made but the cats, with their crazy antics, cute little faces, and of course, the intensity which they display are popular with old and young alike, a cat fancier or even not a cat fancier.

We have put together a collection that we found hilarious and you can watch these over and over while having them all in one place. Even if you do not own a cat or if you are thinking of getting one, you will learn and enjoy these videos.

So let the chuckles and learning begin. Sit back and enjoy.

Crawling, creeping, jumping, and just plain PIA cats

Some cats really believe they have 9 lives and they spend 8 trying to push boundaries. While normal for them they can become frustrating for cat owners but even when frustrated cat owners just cannot help laughing.


All cats are stubborn but some are impossibly so. Anger management can be needed as well as therapy *for you*. You do not own a cat. They own you!

Cattitudinal Cats

We do not have to explain here as it’s obvious. All cats have attitudes but some cats are “extremists.” Others will cooperate with anything. All of this is “cattitude.” Some think they are King of the Jungle even! They surmount all obstacles.

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The supercharged cat. You know, the ones that never sit down and try to annoy you! Try some catnip or they will find ways to amuse themselves!

The Confused Cat-What AM I Doing?

If you own a cat you know that most of the time the behaviors are unexplainable. Things occur in their minds alone and all you can do is watch and laugh.

The Grateful Cat!

NO such thing. Watch these and see how appreciative they become.

 Are You Really Ready for a Cat?

These videos may give you pause! Although the amusement never stops which is why we adore them.